About us

Victor Tellez
Director & Instructor

My name is Victor and I have been interpreting for 19 years, I have been Certified by the Illinois Supreme Court (AOIC). Currently I'm a full-time eployee of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court and I'm an Instructor for Legal Court Interpreting Training. Interpreting is my passion and my mission is “To preserve the integrity of the interpreting profession.”

Miriam Tellez
Manager & Instructor

We are an Interpreting Program that is focused on Legal Interpreting.

Our instructors have more than 50 years of Court interpreting experience and knowledge.

We will make sure that you are equipped with all the tools to become a trained and skilled interpreter.

Our mission is simple:

“To preserve the integrity of the interpreting profession.”


Interpreters shall continually strive to improve their skills and knowledge and advance the profession through activities such as professional training and education, as well as interaction with colleagues and specialist in related fields.

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