Legal Training Program and Clauses

The program provides an introduction to the field of interpreting for students who have proficiency in English and another language.
Designed for students interested in careers that involve interpreting such as (depositions, courts, lawyer’s offices), healthcare (hospital, clinics, doctor’s offices), education (school, conference) . The program is open to anyone seeking to add to their portfolio and make themselves more marketable to employers.

At the completion of the program, students will be able to understand Typical proceedings, such as arraignments, pre-trial hearings, preliminary hearings, and trials are also introduced. Students will also learn the professional interpreting ethics, process and work flow.

  • 40 Hours of Class time
  • 20 Hours of Court Observation
  • Certificate of Completion (Formal Interpreting Training Legal Field)
  • Illinois Supreme Court Code of Interpreter Ethics
  • Legal terminology


  • Clause – If you cancel on first day of class or at any time during the training session – No refunds.
  • Clause – We do not provide refunds for non-attendance.
  • Clause- If a program is cancelled, we will notify registered parties. If the session fails to meet minimum number of participants needed one week before the first class, the session will be cancelled. (You will get a refund if we cancel the classes you sign up for)

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